Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My First Blog

Hi I'm Joseph I like to play video games like Super Mario 3D World or any Mario game.
One day I missed my video games... and thought I would lose my life! Here's how that story went:

One day, after somthing that we do called CO-OP we were on our way home, Mom tried to get up our road (which is a hill) but she didn't make it (it was a snowy day). Dad came to help, but on our way down we drifted into Devin's (my friend) driveway! On our 3rd try we backed into our driveway & hit something! (probably a snow bank.) On the 4th try we failed again but surprisingly we drove into Devin's (you know my friend from above) driveway & walked up from there! Don't you think that was a crazy evening for us?


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